Our Values

“As a young and modern label we value sustainability in all aspects

of our production just as high as the art of fashion design itself.” 

We exclusively work with certified fabrics of the highest quality.
Like our merino wool that is reviewed by independent institutes and kbt certified.

This way we can assure that the standards for ecological livestock farming are set

by the love and respect animals deserve rather than profits. Our label disclaims

the use of pesticides and insecticides as it harms the animals just as much as the planet we all live on and that needs our protection. We also disclaim practices like mulesing because we are convinced that no animal should have to suffer for fashion.


We exclusively work with fabrics that meet the high standards of our fashion brand!

Merino Wool


For our suits, blazers and pants we use certified merino wool which we get from a German supplier. This fabric sets highest quality standards regardings its softness and wearing comfort and also regarding animal welfare and ecologically-friendly production. And it has a fascinating temperate effect: it will either give you a cooling feeling, when you are warm or a warming effect when you are freezing - perfect for any occasion.





Our Indian supplier produces a super high quality silk while takind all ethical aspects of silk production into account. The production facilities are located in rural areas to support the local economy by providing jobs to locals and paying them proper wages. The cocoons, the raw material for silk production, will only be collected once the caterpillar has finished its metamorphosis to minimize the risk of any harm to the animal.





Our bugshirts, made of organic cotton of highest quality, are certified by Öko-Tex and Fair-Wear-Foundation. With this product line we support our cooperation partner Insect Respect, an organisation that advocates for the protection of insects and their natural habitats all around the world. For any bugshirt we sell, we will donate a percentage of the selling price to Insect Respect.


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